Good citizenship: A Sixth Form Case Study.

Out and about with Lydia Lewis

Lydia Lewis was one of several sixth form students to become involved in the FEPOW project. Her work fed into several areas of the A level curriculum for example, Media Studies, but was most significant for developing her confidence and preparation for University life. Her extended study document was used to to gain extra UCAS points. There is no doubt that in doing so she became a more confident citizen aware of communities in the process.

What did she do?

  • Attended a round table discussion of FEPOW at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in February 2010… interviewing two Far Eastern Prisoners with Professor Geoff Gill. Of this Lydia said “It was a privilege to interview these very special men about their horrific experiences. From doing so I learned much about interview techniques and sensitivity when exploring difficult topics.

  • Filmed and edited the visit of Fergus Anckorn to Pensby Girls in the same month, in addition to developing further interview skills when interviewing Fergus

“It was very useful to develop my interview technique further and then learn the editing skills that I needed for my A2 Media film making project. I was so proud that our film was shown at the FEPOW conference in October 2010. I felt very moved by the work and in technical terms it has really helped me achieve a high grade in my current advertising project. The enjoyment helped clinch my decision to do a film and media degree at University“.

Lydia also wrote an account of her involvement in the project (134kb MS Word doc) as an extended study for which she was awarded more UCAS points.