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Baxter, Frederick John

Born: 19 December 1919

Rank, regiment: Craftsman REME, 77th HAA RAOC

Captured: 8 March 1942, Java

Camps: Garoet, Tandjong Priok, Batavia hospital, Tjimahi, Cycle Camp, Singapore, Ussuri Maru to Kyushu, Japan: Inatsuki-machi (coal mine, Kamo or Fukuoka 8B)

Repatriated: Nagasaki USS Cofer to Okinawa, Manila, USS Marine Shark to USA, RMS Queen Mary to Southampton

Civilian occupation: Plumber; author: Not Much of a Picnic, 1995

Interviewed: Trowbridge February 2008


John Baxter talking about...

…sabotaging Japanese mining equipment in Japan.

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