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Manning, Leopold

Born: 27 July 1919

Rank, regiment: Sapper RE, No.1 Malaya Bomb Disposal Cpy

Captured: Singapore

Camps: Changi, Ban Pong, Kanyu 1, Tarsao, Kanyu 2, River Valley Road camp, to Japan on the Kachidoki Maru, sunk, rescued taken to Hainan Island, taken on to a whaler, Kibitzu Maru to Japan Omuta near Nagasaki

Repatriated: via Nagasaki USS Cape Gloucester to Okinawa, Manila, then on to the USS Marine Shark (Liberty ship) to San Francisco, Canada, New York, RMS Queen Mary to Southampton

Civilian occupation: Private memoir

Interviewed: Stoke-on-Trent, October 2007


Leopold Manning talking about...

…housekeeping, cooking with kwalis, making douvers.

…Thailand railway working parties and cholera.

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