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Moon, Roger

Born: 17 November 1914

Rank, regiment: Sapper, Johore Volunteer Engineers (JVE)

Captured: Singapore

Camps: Changi "H" Block, quarry work at Hindliff quarry, Caldicot village, Ban Pong, Kanchanaburi, Kinsayok, Lower Kanyu, Upper Kanyu, Kanyu 1, Timonta (Three Pagodas Pass), Hintok, Tamuang, Three Pagodas Pass

Repatriated: Bangkok to Rangoon, ship, SS Worcestershire to Liverpool

Civilian occupation: Private memoir Sir Roger Moon's Autobiography

Interviewed: Shropshire, November 2008


Roger Moon talking about...

...chaos of war in Singapore, and a chance find...

...transport upcountry to Ban Pong… jungle and a chance remark.

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