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Pratt, John Leonard

Born: 29 November 1920

Rank, regiment: L/Cpl RCSigs 18th Div

Captured: Singapore

Camps: Changi, Keppel Harbour, Chomphom?, Wampo, Tamarkan, Nong Pladuk, Singapore, to Indo-China, Saigon, Bienhao, Lienkhang

Repatriated: Rangoon to Southampton

Interviewed: Dudley, November 2007

Died: 14 October 2011


John Pratt talking about...

...witnessing the torpedoing of ships while on a transport ship voyage from Singapore to Saigon. Recording taken at the LSTM FEPOW Medical History Meeting, 16 Feburary 2010.

...reflecting on sickness, philosophy of survival.

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