Meg Parkes

Meg Parkes, trained as a nurse in Manchester.  She is the daughter of a Far East prisoner of war and in 2002 published her father's wartime diaries.  In 2007 Meg joined the Tropical School as a Research Assistant working with Geoff Gill.  She undertook a Far East POW oral history enquiry interviewing over 60 veterans, which became the basis for an MPhil degree.  She later conducted a study into inventive medicine followed by a 2-year project taking the oral history archive into secondary schools.  In 2012 Meg was awarded her MPhil and also co-authored a book, Nursing in Liverpool since 1862, marking the 150th anniversary of Liverpool's first School of Nursing.  She is currently researching the medical artwork created in Far East captivity between 1942-1945.  She and Geoff hope to organise a touring exhibition of this extraordinary documentary artwork. In January 2014 LSTM appointed Meg an Honorary Research Fellowship.