English curriculum enrichment project

Tins, Tubes, and Tenacity – The Art of Survival in captivity.

For the Enrichment Week experience, the English Department at Neston High School teamed up with Meg Parkes.

The work we did with the students in Enrichment Week was a culmination of an ongoing project that the English Department has been running with Meg Parkes and the Liverpool School of Tropical medicine exploring the FEPOW experience.

To inspire our students, Meg introduced the students to the FEPOW experience and her own personal role in her research with a captivating and at times harrowing powerpoint presentation entitled, Tins, Tubes, and Tenacity – The Art of Survival in captivity.

Pupils explored diary extracts and eye witness accounts, artists sketches and photographical evidence to learn more about the FEPOW’s experience in World War Two.

Students then brought their learning to life by writing their own creative responses including haiku, postcards home and re-imagined diary entries.

These were then transferred onto a cloth panel and illustrated to be patch of a huge FEPOW quilt design and collated to form a lasting , poignant memory to the brave men who braved unimaginable horrors to survive and to tell their tale of human resilience in the face of inhuman treatment.