Strongyloides stercoralis infection in former Far East prisoners of war.

Sep 8; 2(6190)
Gill GV, Bell DR

Out of 602 consecutive people who had been prisoners of war in the Far East and were screened for tropical diseases, 88 (15%) were found to have Strongyloides stercoralis infection a mean period of 30 years after their return from the tropics. The classical strongyloid creeping eruption was the most common symptom (84%), while gastrointestinal disturbances were rare (5%). Thiabendazole was highly effective in eradicating the infection. Strongyloidiasis is an important condition, as when the host is immunosuppressed fatal hyperinfection may occur. Many undiagnosed cases of strongyloidiasis must exist among former prisoners of war, and it is thus important to identify and treat these patients.

clinical paper