Appeal for information – FEPOW artist named “Payne”

21 Oct 2019

From Andrew Easterbrook in Canada:

Do you know the identity of the FEPOW artist who signed himself, ‘Payne’, and who did this portrait of my grandfather in camp in Thailand in 1943?

My grandfather, Joseph Francis Harper 85th Anti-tank Regiment, was captured in Singapore and was later sent in Thailand.

This pen and ink portrait, drawn on the back of a standard postcard with Japanese inspection stamps, was found in my grandfather's possessions after his return to England. Clues to the artist's identity are scarce.

The same artist appears to have also been responsible for some fine sketches of wartime scenes in Singapore brought back to the UK by FEPOW Eric Cordingly which are in a book, 'Down to Bedrock', written by his daughter, Louise Reynolds.

Do you have any sketches signed simply, 'Payne'?

More details on request. Please email: //stickster20 [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk" rel="nofollow">stickster20 [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk with any information you may have. All help gratefully received.